A part of cannabis culture for decades, Hindu Kush now has legend status among recreational and medical users alike. Easy to grow for the novice. Lavish reponses for expert growers. Hindu Kush is a unique strain that should be in everyone’s collection.

Kush is a Sanskrit word for the way a mother holds a baby. Referring to how the mountains cradle the Hindu religion. Hindu Kush cannabis is named after that mountain range. It burst onto the scene in the mid seventies and has been a perenial favourite ever since. It has been admired for decades for its distinct characteristics.

The origin of Hindu Kush is more lore than history, but its impact on cannabis culture is a definite fact. It has been used as the indica parent in many breeding programs because of its homogeneity and reliability. It has also been bred true since the beginning as the pure strain itself is very potent and delivers a unique experience. Don’t expect couch-lock from this chameleon indica. She comes into your mind with a sunny hello and is exceptionally mentally stimulating. It and can keep you awake with a rampant imagination if used before bedtime.

Hindu Kush is the poster child of the easy to grow trouble free indicas. Evolving to thrive in treacherous mountain conditions has endowed the Hindu Kush strain with a unique hardiness. The Hindu Kush is at a similar latitude to southern Spain. However, the altitude means short springs, intense high UV summers, brief autumns and long snowy winters. These conditions have graced Hindu Kush with characteristics coveted by the marijuana grower. It is hardy and produces colossal amounts of resin on large dense flowers probably as protection against its native environment. It is undemanding on nutrients, water, fungus and pesticides and responds well to being manipulated with contemporary techniques.

It is the shooting star of the cannabis world. Everything happens quickly. The short vegetation period is followed by a rapid and heavy fluorescence. When manipulated for sinsemilla this makes for flowering plants that mature in 8-9 weeks. Hindu Kush is photo sensitive so the vegetation photo-period can be extended to encourage more volume for SCRoGged plants or simply bigger plants all around. Outdoors in the Mediterranean a well-maintained Hindu Kush will develop into a monster plant. The longer sea level summers put vegetative volume into overdrive. Extended milder autumns produce fantastic amounts of resin.

Unlike many sativas which have flamboyant aromas that can blanket a wide area outdoors. Hindu Kush plays its fragrance cards close to its chest. Fragrance needs to be encouraged out with a gentle squeeze. The main terpenes are those that give cloves, rosemary, hops, pine trees and black pepper their smells. Rosemary and black pepper are particularly distinctive in the Hindu Kush bouquet. Indoors, where aromatic juices have not endured a turbulent outdoor upbringing, aromas are more intense, but oddly not those immediately associated with marijuana. The bite on the air is of hops which is quite different from limonene and geraniol rich species.

A quintessential mainlining and lollipopping plant Hindu Kush always delights with the compactness of the thick heavy flower clusters. Resins sparkle and refract light. Tastes when used are of subtle aniseed licorice and a pot pourri of forest flowers. Hindu Kush is only comparable as a pain therapy with other marijuana strains. It outperforms opiate based painkillers. A clear mind with anodyne effects on the body is the holy grail of pharmaceutical companies. Hindu Kush has all that. Well mitigated pain without the fuzzy mindedness, forgetfulness and addiction of often dangerous man-made alternatives.

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