A mushroom or toadstool is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground, on soil.

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Magic mushrooms are a special kind of hallucinogenic mushroom treasured for their ability to produce strong psychedelic effects.

The most common kind of magic mushrooms falls under the Psilocybe genus. This genus includes over 200 different mushrooms containing psilocybin, the main compound responsible for producing psychedelic effects (such as hallucinations and altered perception).

It’s possible to forage psilocybin mushrooms in the wild, but you need to be very clued-up about the correct seasons, environments, and laws. Plus, mycology is a very in-depth subject, and mushroom identification takes years to learn. It’s easy to mistake one type of mushroom for another, which is problematic when there are poisonous mushroom types too.

A more comfortable and safer alternative is to cultivate your own supply of mushrooms at home.

That said, while creating your own substrate and liquid culture is rewarding, it requires a completely sterile environment. The simplest option is to purchase a ready-to-go grow kit. Grow kits arrive with a fully inoculated substrate, ready to fruit. Simply add water, drain the water, place the kit into a bag, spray it once or twice a day and try to maintain a consistent temperature of 23°C.

Once you’ve harvested your magic mushrooms, it’s time to work out your ideal dose. Whether you are looking for a microdose, low dose, normal dose, or high dose, you can use Cali -Buds Shop‘s Magic Mushroom Dosage Calculator for a recommendation (in grams) based on body weight and whether your shrooms are fresh or dried.


what are magic truffles

Magic truffles are very similar to mushrooms in that they are dense masses of mycelium. However, truffles are subterranean in nature, meaning they form and remain underground. A magic truffle, or sclerotium, is still classed as a fruiting body, but it has a different spore dispersion method. Whereas mushrooms spread spores via their gills, which the wind or animals then carry, truffles rely on mushroom-eating animals to dig them up and distribute their spores.

Magic truffles still contain the psychoactive compound psilocybin, and are available in a wide array of potencies. You can prepare truffles in the same way as mushrooms, often dried and processed into a powder.


Magic truffles and magic mushrooms are harvested from the same organism and produce the same effects. However, to better understand the difference between truffles and mushrooms, we need to know how both grow.

Mushrooms are a fungus, meaning they grow from spores, usually in the ground or on decaying plant material, such as old logs. The heart of a fungus is the mycelium—the vegetative part made up of fine, thread-like fibers known as hyphae. When the conditions are just right, a fungus will bloom similar to a flower. These blooming bodies are the mushrooms that we harvest.

Truffles, on the other hand, are actually the sclerotia of a fungus. The sclerotia is a compact mass of hardened mycelium that lays dormant underground and acts as a food reserve should the fungi experience unfavorable conditions.


how do you know if you have psilocybin mushroom

The best way to know if you have psilocybin mushrooms is to buy mushroom grow kits from a reputable company like Cali -Buds Shop. This way, you get peace of mind that what turns up at your door will offer exactly what you asked for—potent magic mushrooms. If, however, you’re determined to identify mushrooms in your local area, in the hope they may be of the psychedelic variety, we recommend studying a species guide.

Given that many mushroom varieties are toxic to humans, you’ll want to be 100% sure you’re picking and consuming the right types. Some of the differences between psilocybin mushrooms are very subtle, so you’ll need a keen eye. While we strongly recommend leaving it to the experts, there are three checks you can perform that may indicate you have magic mushrooms:

  • Mushrooms show signs of bruising (typically a bluish tinge)
  • Mushrooms deposit a purple-brown spore print
  • Mushrooms have a jelly-like skin that’s easily removable

When damage occurs to the stipe of a magic mushroom, you’ll quickly notice a bluish tinge appear. The scientific cause of this bruising isn’t fully understood, but it’s believed that the blue colouring is a sign of psilocybin reacting to air and water exposure. Here’s the caveat, though; while the presence of psilocybin appears a requirement for blueing, blueing is not a guarantee of a mushroom’s potency or strength.



With over 200 species of psychedelic mushroom, it would take us a very long time to document them all. You’ve probably already heard of varieties such as Psilocybe semilanceata and fly agaric (which does not contain psilocybin), but there are several other popular choices, including:

  • B+: B+ is a prevalent mushroom strain treasured for its potency and fruit size. With some grow kits producing harvests in as little as two weeks, this is an excellent strain for novices looking to cultivate potent shrooms with little know-how.
  • Ecuador: Originating from the Andean region of Ecuador, this strain is loved for its resilience, making it another popular choice for new cultivators. While Ecuador doesn’t produce massive yields, it’s very predictable and easy to work with.
  • Hawaiian: Psilocybe cubensis Hawaiian is a mushroom variety known for producing large flushes and big fruits. Contrary to popular belief, this strain didn’t originate in Hawaii (there are no reports of naturally growing magic mushrooms in Hawaii). However, the first company to sell this strain may have been in Honolulu.
  • Golden Teacher: The Golden Teacher is a classic strain of magic mushroom that first made its debut in the 1980s. It produces large, gold-colored mushrooms that psychonauts treasure for inspiring incredibly insightful trips.
  • Mexican: Arguably the most popular variety of magic mushrooms, users adore “the flesh of the gods” for its mild impact and vivid psychedelic visions. Long before becoming a mainstay of shroom culture, Mexican was the primary catalyst in ancient shamanistic rituals.
  • McKennaii: Named after revered microbiologist Terence McKenna, this particular magic mushroom species packs a psychedelic punch. Known for transporting psychonauts to otherworldly realms, we recommend McKennaii for experienced trippers.
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