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Ayahuasca Kit

Buy Ayahuasca Kit USA

Buy ayahuasca Kit USA pack that contains the most important ingredients for creating your own shamanistic Ayahuasca brew. Ayahuasca kit usa is an entheogenic, psychedelic drink. Drinking Ayahuasca causes an intense and purifying trip.

Buy Ayahuasca Kit USA

Amongst indigenous peoples of the Amazon, Ayahuasca kit usa has been in use for hundreds of years in traditional rituals and ceremonies. The magic brew is used to contact ancestors and to gain spiritual insights. The literal meaning of Ayahuasca is ‘vine of the soul’. In addition, Ayahuasca kit usa has an important function in traditional medicinal practices amongst the Amazon peoples.

Contents of Ayahuasca Pack (Mimosahuasca)

Whwn you buy ayahuasca kit, it always consists of two elements: a plant containing DMT with psychedelic effects and a Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAO-i) to help your body break down this substance. This pack contains the ingredients for a so-called ayahuasca analog or anahuasca: a brew copying the chemical composition of the original Ayahuasca, using alternative ingredients. In this recipe, mhrb usa vendor use mhrb powder usa of the Mimosa Hostilis plant (also known as Jurema Preta) for its abundance of DMT, while Syrian Rue serves as MAO-i. This combination is known as Mimosahuasca. Since both mhrb usa and Syrian Rue are easy to work with, Mimosahuasca has become a popular alternative to more traditional buy Ayahuasca kit preparations.

This ayahuasca kit usa pack contains 10 grams of shredded mhrb usa and 10 grams of Syrian Rue Seeds. Each herb is packaged individually.

Effects of Ayahuasca Kit USA

Buy aamyahuasca kit that causes an intense, cleansing, mind-blowing trip with hallucinations that can last for many hours. Many users consider to buy Ayahuasca kit to be a mental and bodily purification. It brings visions about the future and the past, some pleasant and others frightening. Ayahuasca kit usa offers a new perspective on reality – like being sucked into a different dimension. Ayahuasca kit usa can provide answers to questions about life you never knew you had.


  • Drinking Ayahuasca kit usa often causes undesirable and unpleasant physical side effects, like stomach aches, (intense) nausea, high blood pressure, diarrhea, transpiration, dizziness and vomiting.
  • Preparing and consuming Ayahuasca kit usa alone for the first time is highly discouraged.
  • Be aware that Ayahuasca kit usa traditions go back centuries. It was originally only used under supervision of trained shamans. Buy ayahuasca kit and respect Ayahuasca’s ancient magic!


  • Do not use together with or other MAOi (or anti-depressives).
  • when pregnant.
  • operate heavy machinery.
  • participate in traffic.
  • when you and/or your family has a history of mental illness.
  •  when you and/or your family has a history of heart conditions.

Use of Ayahuasca Kit USA

Buy ayahuasca kit and there is an abundance of recipes for Mimosahuasca. Preparing Ayahuasca kit usa rarely succeeds on the first try. It’s advisable to do some research on different recipes in books and on the internet and choose a preparation to experiment with.

Easy mhrb powder and Banisteriopsis Caapi Recipe | How to Make Ayahuasca Tea Kit?

This is by far the easiest buy ayahuasca kit usa vine recipe that will produce the best RESULT and EFFECT. We will be using mhrb powder usa and Banisteriopsis Caapi(Resin). Buy Ayahuasca Kit, ayahuasca kit for sale.

Materials you will need:

  • 3-4 Pots
  • Measuring cup
  • vinegar
  • mimosa
  • b. caapi
  • A whole lot of time ( 5-10 hours)
  • The amount we will be using as an example. You need to do simple math to find out the ratio for your recipe by using the ingredients below:
    • vinegar (60mL x 3) = 180mL in total
    • mhrb usa or shredded mhrb= 160 grams
    • banisteriopsis caapi resin= 150 grams of
    • water (3L x 3) = 9 Liter total
      • Make ayahuasca tea kit step by step below:
        1. Put 3 liter of water in a pot. Let the water cook to 80% before boiling. Then turn it down to medium heat.
        2. Put 60 ml vinegar apple or a white vinegar one (better if organic), but regular vinegar works just as good.
        3. Put the plant material mhrb powder inside the water.
        4. Mix all vinegar, mhrb powder, and water. Stir. Make sure that it is NOT boiling. You want it warm/hot. Cook it for 3 hours.
        5. Turn off the stove, and let it get a little bit cooler and then filter all the liquid. Use coffee filter/hand towel. Press the materials till you can’t get any more liquid out.
        6. Put the liquid and the left-over mhrb powder in different pots. Save both of them. Leave the liquid on the side(we need it) I want to point out that you will not have 3L of mhrb powder as some of the water is evaporated. this is okay, we will be making it concentrated later anyways.
        7. Take the leftover mhrb powder from the blanket/filter. Put it again in 3 liters water and put 60 mL of vinegar. Basically, doing step 1 – 6 again.
        8. Repeat step 7.
        9. Put all 3 pots of mhrb powder liquid together. Now you can throw away the solid shredded mhrb or any plant matter.
        10. Cook it till you have around 1.5 liters. Slow cooking it to make it more concentrated.
        11. Take the 1.5 Liter and put it in the fridge to let it cool down overnight.
        12. Next day filter again the liquid and put the residual materials in the trash, and warm the liquid again on the stove.
        13. Put in 150 grams of resin. Stir and mix it for 15-30 minutes or until it completely dissolves.
        14. You should have around 1 liter left

        This is the most common ayahuasca kit usa recipe. However there are other recipes using different ingredients such as Syrian rue or psychotria viridis.

        Buy Ayahuasca Kit usa


        A whole lot of time

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