One Up Magic Mushroom Chocolates


Each bar is infused with 3g of our Premium Magic Mushroom

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One Up Magic Mushroom Chocolates

One Up Magic Mushroom Chocolates


One Up Magic mushroom chocolates, also known locally as shrooms or mushies are organically cultivative mushrooms with hallucinogenic properties. That is, they can make you see, hear and even fee things that appear to be real, but aren’t. Magic mushroom cultivation trace back many centuries ago and are even use for therapy! They mainly contain the drug “Psilocybin”. The effects usually kick in after 20-40 minutes and can linger around for as long as 6 hours! The impacts are usually multi-fold.

  • Eases out depression and stress
  • Induces euphoria (tremendous excitement and pleasure)
  • Drowsiness and relaxation
  • Brings on hallucinations
  • Provokes spiritual awakening sometimes

How to Enjoy Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars


When experimenting with this one up mushroom edibles, start with small amount of 2 or 4 pieces, wait up to 45 minutes to gauge its therapeutic experience before deciding if you want to consume more. Everyone in the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, CANADA, RUSSIA, and OTHER parts of the world has a different reaction to ingested 1up mushroom chocolate bars. Our body weight and metabolism plays a very big role as do our tolerance level.



1up mushrooms is part of a new conversation for many of us. Since the year 1971, magic mushrooms have been illegal in most countries as a result of the UN vote to change drug designation.

Instead of putting mushrooms on the list of banned substances, they ended up putting the psychoactive ingredient in mushrooms in that category. The ingredient is psilocybin which when consumed and absorbed by the body becomes Psilocin.


*1-3 grams of ground Dried magic mushrooms

*Half a bag or one bar of Chocolate chips or Chocolate Bar

*Glass bowl

*Candy or Chocolate molds


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