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Reishi Mushroom Capsules


  • Made from 100% organic reishi mushrooms
  • Extracted with hot water and alcohol (dual extraction)
  • Made from Certified Organic mushrooms
  • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan
  • >15% Beta-glucans, >4% Triterpenes
  • No added starch, mycelium, or grain of any kind
  • 500mg & 1000mg capsules 90 or 200 pills,
  • Verified for quality at accredited 3rd party labs

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Reishi Mushroom Capsules

Buy reishi mushroom capsules

Buy reishi mushroom capsules online from magic mushrooms shop. Best organic reishi mushroom supplement, also known as Ganoderma lucidum and Lingzhi. The red reishi mushroom fungus grow naturally around the world, but can also be cultivated at home on a sand dust substrate. We provide the possibility for mushroom lovers to buy and your own grow kit today at Magic mushrooms shop.

The mushrooms are large dark red to brown in color. Reishi has a glossy look and a woody texture. The Ganoderma lucidum grows kidney-shaped. Reishi cultivated can take the shape of an Antler and is called Antler Reishi.

Where to buy reishi mushroom capsules

Search now in GoogleBingYandex to buy reishi mushroom pills. Mushroom capsules are internationally known for promoting health and longevity. Hence, the name ‘ Mushroom of immortality” Get organic reishi mushrooms capsules.


Take 1-2 hours before bed to support your sleep cycle. Adults take 2 capsules per day as a dietary supplement.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Keep out of reach of children. Consult a physician if you are pregnant or nursing; have had a medical condition, or are taking prescription drugs. If you have any adverse effects on the product, stop taking the product immediately and consult your physician.

Reishi Mushroom Benefits

When an ingredient has been deemed “the king of mushrooms,” you know it’s got something special going on. And while the many reishi mushroom benefits won’t exactly turn you into the next Meghan Markle, this form of fungi is known for its cell-regenerating, immune-strengthening, mood-boosting potential, which could go a long way to improving your quality of life.

1. They can boost the immune system

Historically, reishi mushrooms have been used as an immune system enhancer—they’re even used in Asian cultures as an immune stimulant for patients with HIV and cancer. The beta glucans (complex sugars) in the mushroom are believed to stimulate the immune system to prevent infection.

2. Reishi mushrooms can alleviate stress and fatigue

Reishi mushrooms are adaptogens, plants that help the body combat stress. In one study of 132 patients suffering from neurasthenia (a condition characterized by physical and mental exhaustion), consumption of a compound found in reishi mushrooms was shown to improve aches, pains, and feelings of irritability

4. Reishi mushrooms could lower blood pressure

Compounds in reishi mushrooms may help keep high blood pressure at bay, according to a rat study carried out in 2014. But again, if you’re currently taking blood pressure medication, consult with your doctor before taking reishi mushrooms—the combination could lower your BP to dangerous levels.

5. They might be good for the brain

Research done on animals indicates that reishi mushrooms may be therapeutic for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and may also be able to protect the brain from seizures. Further research still needs to be done to confirm this, however.

6. They have allergy-fighting potential

Some studies have shown that reishi mushrooms may have antihistamine effects and can improve the body’s oxygen supply, which is key to those suffering from chronic and allergic asthma.

7. Reishi mushrooms contain cholesterol-lowering compounds

Both triterpenes and beta glucans may reduce total cholesterol and LDL—commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol.”

8. They may be helpful for those with type 2 diabetes

Reishi mushrooms were found to decrease blood sugar in one small double-blind, placebo-controlled study—possibly by inhibiting an enzyme that produces glucose. Plus, after seeing noticeably reduced kidney stress and lower blood-sugar levels in test subjects, a different group of researchers concluded that reishi mushrooms may prevent or halt kidney complications in type 2 diabetes patients.

9. They could improve liver function

Reishi mushroom spores were found to promote liver cell regeneration in mice, improving the organ’s ability to shuttle toxins out of the body. A healthy liver can also be critical to supporting other health benefits mentioned above, including managing blood sugar and allergies.

10. They’re rich in antioxidants

Despite the fact that their other nickname is “the mushroom of immortality,” reishi mushrooms won’t, in fact, make you live forever. But they do have antioxidant properties that can reduce the risk of disease and premature aging—and we can never have too many foods like that in our diets, right?


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