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Social Capsules

350 milligrams of Social Capsules Made from Golden Teachers

How do Social Capsules work? At Magic Mushrooms Shop, you may get social psilocybin capsules for your anxiety right now. Golden caps mushrooms are used to make the social capsules. Purchase the best social anxiety medications online.

Mushroom capsule microdosing:

Benefits could include heightened awareness, greater creativity, and less social anxiety. encourages a sense of wellbeing and community on a whole.

consumed 350 mg to 1 g

“Perfect for exercising, completing creative endeavors, and going out with friends. Simply sensing the mushroom and taking pleasure in the advantages of superfoods and brainfood will be plenty to balance the experience. When you want to feel the wonderful effects of tripping but don’t want to trip, the prepared blend is perfect. Capsules social

Typical dosage regimens include:

2 to 3 days between doses.
4 days of one dose each day, then a 3-day break
One dose each day for two days, then a two-day respite

Psilocybe cubensis and other adaptogenic plants together. thirty capsules. Psilocybin 350mg per capsule. 10500mg total per bottle.


An exciting and well-balanced experience. They have a higher magic mushroom dosage than microdosing, thus the consumer experiences the euphoric benefits sooner. Not intended to be taken on a journey. Ideal for gatherings, outdoor events, music festivals, camping, or a night out dancing.

effects of microdosing

improved cognitive abilities
enhanced awareness of one’s surroundings and of oneself enhanced comprehension and expression of one’s emotions

350 mg of psilocybin, 25 mg of ginseng, 25 mg of bee pollen, 25 mg of spirulina, and 25 mg of ginkgo biloba.


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