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CBD Chocolate bars


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CBD Chocolate bars

Buy The Best CBD Chocolate Bar In 2022

CBD Chocolate bars  are cannabis infused chocolates that doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol commonly called THC. buy CBD chocolate at our online dispensary for an amazing experience . Most cannabis infused chocolates are composed of THC making the a bit stronger but this cannabis chocolate contains non of that or if present in small quantities . CBD is simply the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, found in cannabis and hemp. This cannabis chocolates are composed of a fine blend of chocolate infused with CBD either from cannabis or hemp. Buy CBD Chocolate from OM at the best prices . Consumers of these CBD chocolate bar says it  helps promote general wellness and is a versatile tool for the management of many health problems. CBD chocolates are also called Cannabidiol chocolates .

Cannabidiol Chocolate Ingredients

CBD Chocolate bars are made from the following ingredients;

Ingredients: Cacao paste, cacao butter, coconut sugar, cannabinoid-rich broad-spectrum hemp extract, vanilla bean sea salt.
Made with organic ingredients & THC-free broad-spectrum hemp extract

How To Consume CBD Chocolate

To begin with  we understand the potential urge to devour the cannabis chocolate bar at one bite.  This is not the point with a CBD chocolate bar . CBD chocolate Bars are  taken as a health supplements prescribed by a doctor, just like CBD gummies. Again this weed chocolate bar is divided into squares; each square carries a premeasured dose of cannabidiol. Buy chocolate cbd from us today .

Here’s a simple calculation on how to consume cbd chocolate bars:

Firstly  say our cannabis infused  chocolate bar contains a total of 100 mg cannabidiol, with 10 squares per bar. Each square will carry 10 mg of CBD, so if your recommended daily dose is 20 mg, you’ll need to eat 2 squares per day.  And finally as earlier said , the most difficult part about dosing CBD chocolate bars is resisting the temptation of eating the complete bar.

CBD Chocolate Bar Flavours

CBD Chocolates come in a variety of different flavours in order to be able to satisfy a wide range of customers. some of the CBD infused cannabis chocolate flavours include ;

  • Classic dark chocolate bar
  • Vanilla bean crunch chocolate bar
  • Hazelnut and sea salt chocolate bar

For a chance to have a taste of all this amazing flavours  place your order for cannabidiol chocolate at our online dispensary.

How Long Does Cannabidiol Chocolate Take To Work

Cannabidiol chocolates usually take 45-90 minutes to kick in . Some times it may take longer up to two hours before its effects starts kicking in . This time duration is longer when compared with other cannabis products like vapes and oils . Nevertheless this is still a unique and great method of taking in CBD. Buy Cannabidiol chocolate at OM dispensary today at the best rates . Also insearch of other cannabis infused chocolate bars you can always try out the wonka bar and punchbar infused cannabis chocolate


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