rick and morty chocolate bar


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rick and morty chocolate bar

rick and morty chocolate bar-rick and morty mushroom bar

Our classic Psychedelic mushrooms chocolate bar were inspired by the popular psychonaut hack of accelerating one’s dose by making a microdose of shrooms. Unlike the Internet’s recipes, our chocolate shrooms barely taste of shrooms, while still packing a 10g full of ground goodness that hits its peak anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes in, lasts 2 to 3 hours, and causes little to no stomach upset for most users. Ideal for stacking, these shrooms chocolate boast our Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars Variety that users love for their glowy visuals, high energy and giggly good vibes, even at higher doses. buy mushroom chocolate bar


How should Trippy Flip Rick and Morty Chocolate Bars be consumed?

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with Trippy Flip Rick and Morty Chocolate Bars, we recommend following these guidelines for consumption. Start with one Trippy Flip milk chocolate bar, as it contains mild doses of psilocybin, making it suitable for micro-dosing and providing a comfortable trippy experience. Once you consume the chocolate bar, allow at least 60 minutes for the effects to kick in before assessing your satisfaction level. If you feel the need for a stronger experience, you can consider increasing your dosage. It is important to maintain a relaxed state and let the chocolate bars take you on a memorable trip. Remember, everyone’s tolerance and sensitivity can differ, so it’s crucial to approach consumption with caution and attention to personal limits.

What are the effects of consuming the Rick and Morty Mushroom Chocolate Bar?


The consumption of the Rick and Morty Mushroom Chocolate Bar can lead to a variety of effects, encompassing both sensory and emotional experiences. The effects are highly influenced by the setting and one’s mindset, enhancing the overall trip experience. When consuming this psychedelic edible, one may experience visual and auditory hallucinations, wherein perceptions of time, space, and place become distorted. At higher doses, individuals may also undergo ego breakdown, leading to a profound shift in their sense of self.

Emotionally, the Rick and Morty Mushroom Chocolate Bar can induce changes in consciousness and perspective. Users may feel an array of emotions, ranging from giddiness and humor to emotional catharsis and a heightened sense of unity. Euphoric feelings and epiphanies can also manifest, contributing to emotional swings during the trip.

The combination of psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms, and cannabis can produce a more potent and deeply psychedelic high. This combination can result in intensified visuals and physical sensations. The presence of marijuana in the mix can also help mitigate the sudden onset of the mushroom trip, promoting a greater sense of ease during the initial stages of the high. Furthermore, consuming cannabis alongside the Rick and Morty Mushroom Chocolate Bar is believed to facilitate a more intense peak experience and aid in relaxation during the come-down phase.

Overall, consuming the Rick and Morty Mushroom Chocolate Bar can evoke a range of effects that create a unique and immersive psychedelic experience.

What is the Trippy Flip Chocolate Bar made of?

The Trippy Flip Chocolate Bar is made with a delicious combination of ingredients. It starts with a thin layer of smooth milk chocolate enveloping a crispy waffle. This unique texture provides a delightful crunch in each bite.

What sets the Trippy Flip Chocolate Bar apart is its one-of-a-kind flavor profile. With three distinct flavors harmoniously blending together, it offers a truly unforgettable taste experience. First, there’s the rich and creamy milk chocolate that forms the base. Then, there’s the added crunch from the waffle layer, adding a delightful contrast in texture. Lastly, there’s the unique “trippy” taste that comes from its carefully layered structure.

Harnessing the power of high-grade psilocybin extract and cannabis, the Trippy Flip Chocolate Bar offers more than just a tantalizing flavor. It allows the consumer to embark on a journey to the euphoric cosmos. The expertly infused psilocybin extract and cannabis are meticulously incorporated into the premium milk chocolate, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable consumption experience.

One remarkable aspect of the Trippy Flip Chocolate Bar is that it offers the desired effects without any lingering cannabis or psilocybin aftertaste. This means that individuals who wish to microdose or experience flow states can do so without any unwanted flavors or sensations.

In conclusion, the Trippy Flip Chocolate Bar is a truly unique edible that combines the delectable taste of milk chocolate with the psychoactive properties of psilocybin mushrooms and cannabis. Its carefully crafted layers and flavors make it a richly satisfying treat for those seeking both enjoyment and exploration.



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